mercoledì 4 gennaio 2012

Guy Davis
"Michigan based artist Guy Davis spent his youth drawing and sketching monsters and aliens, with an imagination fed on a healthy dose of late night creature features and monster mags!
A self-taught illustrator, Guy first tried his hand at cartooning with a strip that ran in his hometown newspaper during his high school years— which by all accounts is worth forgetting. It was after graduating and not really having any idea of what to do with himself outside of drawing, that he decided to try and continue in comics. In 1984 he created a tongue in cheek space opera “Quonto of the Star Corps” for the small press “Fantastic Fanzine”. Quonto was soon forgotten but the fanzine would later become Arrow Comics and lead to work on the comic series The Realm. After a few years at Arrow Comics, his work on The Realm would take him to Caliber Press and his first creator owned series with Gary Reed; the Harvey Award nominated Baker Street. It was Baker Street that led him to DC/Vertigo and Sandman Mystery Theatre with Matt Wagner and Steve Seagle, and that collaboration would lead to many more projects and deadlines over the years to come. Since then he has worked for most of the major comic publishers along with providing artwork and conceptual design for various role-playing games, and multi-media projects.
Currently Guy is illustrating Mike Mignola’s and John Arcudi’s ongoing B.P.R.D. series (work which won him a 2009 Eisner Award for Best Penciller/Inker), along with continuing his creator owned series The Marquis for Dark Horse Comics. He still resides in Michigan with his fiancée, the talented writer and artist, Rosemary Van Deuren, along with a menagerie of pets and a trio of horse skulls named Becky, Conrad and Steptoe."

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