martedì 1 novembre 2011


Stil in Berlin
""Stil in Berlin" is an online photography project, published in blog-format - It presents a selection of contemporary portaits in exclusive photography as well as extensive interviews with people defining Berlin's current atmosphere.
Mary Scherpe and Benjamin Richter founded it in March 2006, and though they thought it was a late bloomer in terms of streetstyle blogging, being inspired by, e.g. terrific Hel-Looks, it turned out "Stil in Berlin" was one of the early birds and is named by various international bloggers as their main inspirational influence. In January 2009 Dario Natale joined the team which was further enhanced by free contributors like Antje Stahl and Trevor Good in Autumn 2010.

"Stil in Berlin" was featured in international press like New York Times, Nylon, Die Zeit, Spiegel, ZDF and Slate, and exhibited at Colette in Paris, Absolut Gallery in Munich and at Create Berlin. See our press section for links and references.

We have collaborated on projects with Urban Outfitters, Filippa K, Lee and Lunettes Selection."

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