lunedì 31 ottobre 2011


Street Peeper
"Hi, I'm Phil. Somehow these are the some of the only photos I have of myself where I'm not drunk or doing something ridiculous and/or inappropriate. Anyway, I started Street Peeper like late 2006, early 2007'ish after a variety of odd-jobs: failed internet startup, co-author of a trashy novel (used copies starting at $0.01 on Amazon!), fired from 12 restaurants in NYC, occasional party promoter, and I sold beanie babies out of my NYU dorm room... So that's me in a nutshell... Hope you like Street Peeper.

Many thanks to my various contributors over the years: DJ Hisato, Cat Kim, Hayley Hughes, Yourboyhood, Chad Burton, Rob Myers, Kaspar Moerk, Daravone Sourithone, Ania Shestakova, Marguerite, Eugene Kim, Annia Ezquerro, Kiki, Mindy Meissen, Melina Pecharki, Yagna, Morena Buser."

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