giovedì 3 maggio 2012


"Calum Alexander Watt is a concept artist and character designer working for a gaming developer in the UK. He started out doing comics work for 2000AD, and briefly worked in graphic design before moving into his current role. Watt starts with sketches drawn and inked in traditional media, using a blue mechanical pencil on tracing paper, over which he inks with a Staedtler Pigment liner. He then moves scans of the drawings into the computer for digital application of color in Photoshop. [Correction: Watt was kind enough to write and let me know that my information about his process is a bit out of date; he now works entirely digitally.] I particularly admire his light touch, with fine linework and mist-like applications of color, opting for suggestion and atmosphere where others might be obsessed with detail."
(description from Lines and Colors)

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