mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012


50 Most Influential Disney Animator
"My name is Grayson Ponti and I’m a high school student in Central Florida. I love animation and I plan on doing it as a career. I work hard in several areas to try to improve my skills. These can be as obvious as painting and drawing classes to as unusual as studying people’s walks and trying to figure how many muscles are in a leopard’s leg. Some of my other interest include NBA basketball, zoology, and rock music. I have three favorite things about animation. The first is that it is the most collaborative art form I know of and so many things are involved in it. Second is that it brings people together from all different backgrounds and their passion for their art makes them combine their egos to make one united project. Last is that you can be inside a character and make people all over the world fall in love with that character."

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