giovedì 13 ottobre 2011


Cyril Roquelaine
"Since my earliest age the figure of heroic fantasy in the field of role play and wargame interested me. It is this passion that I was prompted to make the sculpture self-taught.

I already have experience in teamwork through the scenery in the theatre du Capitole in Toulouse, and various works of sculpture models in the field of cinema and short animation in computer graphics . I was also able to sculpt on different scales as comics figures of 56 mm, up armor from latex for role-playing fantastic size. Having notions molding silicone, I also gained some understanding of the model in order to be molded. I was also able to use different materials such as modelling plastiline, super sculpey, land, resin…

I now work for companies figurine, individuals for personal orders, companies in need of models and prototypes in 3D".

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