giovedì 10 febbraio 2011


Kamui Cosplay
"My name is Svetlana, I'm 24 year old and live in Germany (so, excuse my grammer faults). I study technical journalism in Nuremberg and have a really hard part time job to finance my life and my very expensive hobby: Cosplay. I discovered the cosplay szene in 2003, but only in 2006 I found a real desire in it. So my Druid Tier 1 from World of Warcraft costume was the first challenge. I learned a lot from this project and started with further World of Warcraft Tier sets. Druid Tier 3, Tier 6 and Tier 8 followed.
So I'm very excited for weapon and prop making. I'm always searching for new techniques and new materials and try to improve my skills with every new project.
On my blog I will show you my progress, explain my techniques and show you some tutorials I made."

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