lunedì 14 febbraio 2011


Hooray for Earth
"Indie rock quartet Hooray for Earth had its beginnings in 1996, when bass player Chris Principe asked singer Noel Heroux to join his band in high school. But it was not until 2003 that the two added drummer Seth Kasper, with keyboardist/guitarist Gary Benacquista joining in 2004, as the band embarked on recording its first album. That album, self-titled and self-released, appeared on August 23, 2006. The band then signed to Dopamine Records, which released the EP Cellphone on February 26, 2008, and reissued a revised version of the first album on January 13, 2009. That same year, Kasper left the group and was replaced by new drummer Joseph Ciampini. 2010 saw the release of the Momo EP."

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