domenica 2 maggio 2010


Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy
"The Journal of Ottoman Calligraphy (JOC) is dedicated to Islamic Art and Ottoman script calligraphy. Calligraphy was a skill to be mastered, and it was heavily used to express religious sentiment and many other aspects of personal and cultural life. Therefore Islamic calligraphy is more than handwriting. It is a “spiritual technique” that beaches out with grace and elegance to engage the eye,mind and soul.It was the Ottoman Turks who produced and perfected several varieties of this type of script. All the various branches of the art of calligraphy, an art greatly loved and respected by the Ottoman Turks, flourished particularly in the city of Istanbul, the administrative center of the Ottoman State, and it was in Istanbul that the finest and most mature works were produced. This collection showcases stunning examples of calligraphic art of the Ottoman society and modern Turkey. The mission of the JOC is to delight, inspire, and educate a diverse public through the collection and interpretation of works of Islamic and Ottoman calligraphy."

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